Girl Scouts Programs

Registration for Fall 2021 Programs is Open!

Project Family:

Skills and Techniques for Creating a Video Interview

A Digital Storytelling Virtual Workshop

Saturday, October 9, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. REGISTER by Oct 3, 2021.

This 2-hour online workshop will teach you the skills to record and produce a short interview video that you can share with your family and even the world at the 2021 Girl Scouts of Western Washington Virtual Film Festival. See details below.

Girl Scouts “Coding for Good”

Girl Scouts and DigiPen Academy

DigiPen Academy finds it important to bring STEM to our community. Through partnerships like the Girl Scouts, we are able to provide more of these types of opportunities. Because of the successful Girl Scouts Summer Workshops we hosted this past summer, we have been able to carry that program into the fall with the “Coding for Good” Workshops.

“Coding for Good” provides Girl Scouts opportunities to earn badges in STEM. Through different programming exercises like following instructions, creating algorithms, and building apps girls will learn technical skills in a fun environment. We will work on badge requirements using loops, conditionals, game design and user-centered data.

DigiPen Academy is excited to offer these new learning experiences to Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Our current programs are offered to the Junior Girls Scouts and Cadette Girl Scouts. We hope to grow our program into other Girl Scout age groups.

Project Family: Skills & Techniques for Creating a Video Interview

Learn to explore and share the life lessons that older family members like your parents and grandparents have gained on their life journey. What was life like for them when they were your age? What are their favorite memories? What dreams did they have? What important lessons did their parents teach them?

This 2-hour online workshop will teach you the skills to record and produce a short interview video that you can share with your family and even the world at the 2021 Girl Scouts of Western Washington Virtual Film Festival. Scheduled for Saturday, October 9, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., workshop speakers will talk about the power of stories and introduce you to the techniques and online resources you will need. Participants must currently be 5 to 18 years old.


Topics that will be covered include:

  • Research and planning for interviewing a family member
  • Understanding how to use video recording device including basic composition
  • Tips for lighting and audio recording
  • Basic digital video editing techniques, including adding titles, transitions, and even photographs

No prior experience in interviewing or video production is required but you will need to have access to a digital video recording device (eg. Smart phone, DSLR, video camcorder). For CADETTES, production of this interview project will meet the requirements for the CADETTE Digital Movie Maker Badge (Please note: DigiPen does not award badges, and the cadette will need to speak to the troop leader to request the badge).

Discovering the stories in your family will be a rewarding opportunity for you to develop stronger connections with the people who care about you the most. Sign up here today!

Coding For Good – Coding Basics

This workshop is the FIRST in the series of “Coding for Good” workshops for JUNIOR AND CADETTE GIRL SCOUTS and focuses on developing a basic understanding of how computers work and how people can write code for them.

Cadettes will work on Algorithms, functions, arguments and pseudocode; while, Juniors will work on algorithms, loops, conditionals, and women in CS.

Digital Game Design

This workshop is the SECOND in the series of “Coding for Good” workshops for JUNIOR AND CADETTE GIRL SCOUTS and explores how programmers combine programming skills and design elements into the engaging game experiences that today’s players thrive on.

Cadettes will work on creating an avatar, using an array, making game scenarios, and playing their games; while, Juniors will work on game design for good, work with tools for game design and making a game for playing.

App Development

This workshop is the THIRD in the series of “Coding for Good” workshops for JUNIOR GIRL SCOUTS and focuses on how to design and develop software programs that can help solve problems for people.

Cadettes will work on data collection, work on understanding arrays, and work on correlating data. Juniors will work on designing app screens, using conditionals and sharing and improving feedback.

Due to COVID-19, our fall programs will remain online. Visit our registration page for details.

Create a Digital Cookie Commercial

Every year, we look forward to Girl Scout Cookie time. We have a need for boxes of Somomas, Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tagalongs, and S’mores. Girl Scouts sell cookies to raise money for their troops to have more amazing Girl Scout experiences. We want to help them raise even more money this year by teaching them how to make stellar videos to sell their cookies.

To do this, DigiPen Institute of Technology is pleased to be partnering with Girl Scouts USA to offer Girl Scouts an opportunity to learn how to produce a custom video commercial to sell cookies on the Girl Scout Digital Cookie platform. Facilitated by the staff at DigiPen’s Redmond campus, Girl Scouts of all levels will be guided step-by-step through the process of writing a script for their video, delivering their script on camera, and then editing the final video with music and titles. We look forward to doing this again next year. Stay tuned for new dates.

Details coming soon.