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Pre-College Art & Animation for Games

Students are introduced to the visual development process, art skills and animation techniques every production artist needs.

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Pre-College Game Design

Students are introduced to the technical and creative skills that create engaging, interactive player experiences.

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Pre-College Game Programming

Students learn the art and science behind video game development – from math to physics and more.

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Pre-College Music & Sound Design for Games

Students gain an understanding of the elements that make a video game’s soundtrack a compelling experience.

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WANIC Art & Animation

The program focuses on building a strong foundation of traditional arts skills, critical animation principles and techniques.

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WANIC Data Analytics & Visualization

This program explores complex real-world data, mathematical topics and the use of artificial intelligence tools to automate analysis processes.

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WANIC Game Design

This program is for creative-minded students who want to understand the psychology behind games and learn the skills used for designing engaging interactive experiences.

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WANIC Music & Sound Design

This program focuses on the creative and technical aspects of music and sound design, production, and implementation.

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WANIC Video Game Programming

For students who want to pursue a career as a game developer, this signature program provides a solid foundation.

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