Our passionate faculty works together to deliver the best to our students

At DigiPen Academy, we take a student-centered approach to education that focuses on each student’s growth, goals and gifts. We meet each student where they’re at, helping them to discover new talents and interests, and assigning them projects that build their confidence, while developing their creative and technical skills.

Each of our instructors is up-to-date on current industry best practices, which means that while our courses may be grounded in theory, our students graduate with “real world” skills.

DigiPen Academy Faculty

600x600 DigiPen Team YanR
Raymond Yan
Senior Executive VP
600x600 DigiPen Team Generic
Michelle Yan
K12 Programs Director
600x600 DigiPen Team EstepaT
Tamara Estepa
K12 Programs Support Manager
600x600 DigiPen Team CoA
Adrienne Co
Programs Coordinator
600x600 DigiPen Team JurgensS
Sylvia Jurgens
Art & Animation Instructor
600x600 DigiPen Team OwensM
Michael Owens
Art & Animation Instructor
600x600 DigiPen Team SabinC
Chris Sabin
Music & Sound Design Instructor
600x600 DigiPen Team SchepplerR
Ryan Scheppler
Game Programming Instructor

The DigiPen Difference

We are aligned with one of the world’s top video game design schools

For more than 20 years, DigiPen Academy has been delivering leading-edge, STEAM-based programs to students in public schools, summer camps and workshops across North America. The Academy is a place where students can learn, create, experiment and explore, as they discover new passions, talents and careers.

Our programs are designed to teach high school students the skills, approach and work ethic they need to succeed in college and beyond. Students who learned to code, draw and design with us have gone on to build successful careers at some of the world’s leading tech companies, game studios, and startups.

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A word from a Parent...

Both my children attended WANIC, one attended the two year art program and the other the two year music program.

Although they came from outstanding high schools with excellent faculty, the immersive nature of this program allowed both of my children to flourish and obtain skills that will carry them throughout their professional lives and endeavors. They have both reached a competency level that either allowed them to or will allow them to apply to art programs in the future as they created enough original work in their classes to showcase their talents. My oldest child, is attending DigiPen Institute this Fall, and will be working towards a BA in Music and Sound Design.

At first, I was hesitant to disrupt my children's high school “status quo”, as I was worried that the WANIC schedule would limit social opportunities. Quite the opposite, in fact! The WANIC program’s intimate setting is the perfect atmosphere to connect with like minded peers, and the low teacher student ratio allows students to get to know teachers and faculty personally, preparing them for not just college life but the real world.

I don’t have enough good things to say about the WANIC program. Both the two year immersive program and the summer WANIC classes are outstanding opportunities for high school students to gain skills, meet other like minded students and achieve their professional goals and aspirations in a supportive and inclusive environment.

— Cima, Parent

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