Explore the path to an in-demand, creative career

DigiPen Academy offers a wide range of programs that prepare high school students for study and careers in fields requiring creative digital skills or data analysis: Art & Animation, Data Analytics, Game Design, Video Game Programming, and Music & Sound Design.

Over the past two decades, the students who have learned to draw, code, program, and design with us, have gone on to excel at some of the world’s leading tech companies, video game studios, and start-ups. Our programs have been the first step in preparing them for careers that include:

  • Game developers and designers
  • Software and application developers
  • Audio engineers
  • Film composers
  • Digital interface designers
  • Software engineers
  • Animators
  • Creative directors

Build the foundation for a successful college application

One of the reasons our students are so successful is that our programs offer a combination of academic rigor and hands-on experience. Our students receive a solid grounding in the theory, technical skills, and interdisciplinary approach that real-life development projects and post-secondary study demand. Many of the students in our high school academic programs have gone on to attend the colleges of their choice, including:

  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • Berklee College of Music
  • Belmont University
  • Western Washington University
  • University of Washington
  • Carnegie Mellon University School of Music
  • New York University
  • Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery
  • Montana State University
  • Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Brigham Young University

Grow in confidence and skill

With the help of our expert instructors and cutting-edge technology, DigiPen students are able to explore their passions and build the confidence they need to succeed. Whether they are interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry, or simply want to develop their skills or explore a passion, our Skill Center Programs, which run the entire academic school year, and four-week Pre-College Summer Programs offer:

  • An accredited curriculum with the opportunity to earn Advanced Placement (AP) credits or college credit
  • Project-based labs that offer practical, “real world” learning in a team environment
  • A student-centered approach that focuses on each student’s growth, goals and talents
  • World-class technical and creative instruction
  • Core programs that align with DigiPen Institute of Technology’s degree programs

Find a program from our five in-demand tracks

Or, find a program that fits with your school district or schedule

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Learn the fundamentals of game design, programming, art and animation, or sound design. Each day of our four-week, online summer program is divided between academic coursework and the project lab, where students work together to complete a game. At the end of the program, students receive a transcript of their course grades for inclusion in their college application.

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Explore your passions at an advanced level in preparation for post-secondary studies leading to a career in digital entertainment or analytics. Our program is delivered through school districts affiliated with Washington Skill Centers, such as WANIC, and students are able to earn Advanced Placement (AP) credits in specific programs. All programs offer a blend of academic coursework and hands-on project labs.

Looking for a fun, after-school club or workshop for a K-12 student?

While DigiPen Academy is now focused on academic programming for high-school students, our partners at DigiPen Institute of Technology still offer after-school clubs, weekend workshops, and summer day camps for K-12 students.

Open World courses are designed for each age group’s learning abilities, and include subjects such as robotics and coding, art and animation, and game design and storytelling. It’s an opportunity for students to create fun projects while exploring their passions, building their skills, and meeting like-minded friends!

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Not sure which program is right for you?

If you’ve explored our programs online, and still aren’t sure which one is right for you, please contact an Academy Coordinator who will be happy to help you. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Call (425) 629-5007 or email us at academy@digipen.edu.