Our Story

It’s never too early to discover your passion. DigiPen Academy exists to encourage and prepare students to turn their dreams into reality. From exploratory workshops to year-round academic programs, we help students discover where their skills are today and go wherever their imaginations can take them.

From the whole world of academic knowledge to the technical and creative foundations of video game development, our talented teachers inspire each child while reinforcing core academic subjects that lay the foundation for great games—and great careers.

DigiPen Academy is the K-12 sibling of DigiPen Institute of Technology, which has been turning talented college-age students into exceptional engineers, artists, designers and video game creators for more than three decades.

The thing that sets DigiPen Academy apart is our philosophy. We believe in meeting students where they are. In other words, ‘how’ we engage young students is as important as ‘when’ we engage them. Everyone’s vision and skills develop at different ages. Grades are merely guidelines. There is no substitute for direct, personalized assessment and instruction.

We foster each child’s unique talents and individuality to bring out the best in every student through preparatory programs and exploratory workshops that are designed to:

  • Meet students where they are on their learning journey
  • Provide hands-on, project-based, collaborative learning
  • Connect classroom concepts to real world challenges
  • Develop crucial problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Help students develop their true passions into careers

Our year-round K-12 homeschool programs prepare students for college and careers with a well-rounded curriculum of arts, sciences and general academics. They develop crucial problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they discover the essential role core academic subjects such as math, physics, writing, and art play in the creation of their favorite entertainment media.

Exploring interests and expanding talents is the aim of our summer, weekend and online enrichment workshops, where kids build their creative and technical powers. Through collaborative, hands-on projects, we make it fun to learn the fundamentals of art and animation, engineering, video game design, programming, sound and music design and much more.

With DigiPen Academy’s range of offerings and dedicated faculty, there’s no limit to what our students can learn and experience. Better than a textbook understanding, we enable kids to put their knowledge into practice through creative and technical projects that feed their creativity and confidence by connecting classroom concepts to real-world challenges.

DigiPen Academy Team

Our team is here to answer your questions about DigiPen Academy programs.

Raymond Yan
Sr. VP for K-12 Programs

Raymond oversees all aspects of DigiPen Academy’s K-12 programs and works with the rest of the team to ensure a seamless experience for students and their parents.

425-895-4419 | raymond.yan@digipen.edu

A Message from DigiPen’s President

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your interest in being a part of DigiPen Academy.

For over 20 years, DigiPen has been offering exploratory and preparatory programs to elementary, middle, and high school students interested in learning about the art and science of game development, fine arts, animation, multimedia production, and engineering. The breadth of options allows students to choose from more topics that interest them and gives returning students an opportunity to delve deeper into the subjects that captivated them in past ProjectFUN workshops.

DigiPen’s academic programs and ProjectFUN workshops allow students to explore high-tech careers while developing crucial problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Along the way, students discover the important role and relevance that core academic subjects such as math, physics, writing, and art play in the creation of their favorite entertainment media.

We can’t wait to see what you will achieve and create!

Claude Comair 
President and Founder
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Registration Open for Onsite & Online Summer 2022 Programs

Full-time year round or part-time to enhance and complement your current homeschool or school district curriculum.

Visit our YouTube Channel to view our free series on "Introduction to Game Design".

Academic Programs

K-12 Homeschool

DigiPen Academy offers year-round K-12 education unlike any other. With a focus on individual growth, we prepare students for college and careers with a full curriculum of arts, sciences, and general academics integrated with our world-class technical and creative instruction. We use a differentiated experience and collaborate with students to identify and facilitate appropriate project work to help them grow.

For the 2021-2022 school year, courses will be online and live-taught. Join us for one class or many – whatever fits your family’s needs.

Spring 2022 Homeschool

Summer 2022 Pre-College

Enrichment Programs

Spring 2022 Programs

Exploring interests and expanding talents is the aim of our extra-curricular programs. For Spring 2022, stay home and stay safe with all-online, live-taught, developmentally-appropriate studios and clubs. Register today!

Summer 2022 Programs – Registration now Open!

Exciting ONSITE and ONLINE learning experiences for students of ages 5-18. Under the encouraging guidance of our talented teaching staff, students learn, create and collaborate on hands-on projects in video game programming, art and animation, game design, engineering, and music and sound design. More info…

The foundations of fine art and fantastic games.

The key to success for today’s production artists is a combination of a strong visual development process, broad-based art skills, and the ability to use both traditional and digital art tools to produce their creations. Students gain hands-on skills needed to produce sophisticated digital art for video games through courses that cover:

  • Drawing techniques, color theory and traditional fine arts skills
  • Principles of animation and storytelling
  • 2D and 3D digital art tools for computer animation, modeling and texturing, and much more…

Making games can be as rewarding as playing them.

Today’s video games are complex pieces of software that require a deep understanding of math, computer science, and physics. These workshops and courses cover the entire game development process and production pipeline, building the range of skills needed to turn a good game idea into the kind of high quality game experience today’s players expect. 

  • Fundamentals of programming, digital art, and sound design
  • Foundational game mechanics
  • The game design and development process
  • The game production pipeline
  • Art and sound production
  • World building & storytelling

Sound thinking makes all the difference.

By focusing on the theory, history, and techniques behind music and sound design, students of sound design and production gain an understanding of what elements make compelling compositions, soundtracks and sound effects. Topics include:

  • Music Theory and Musicianship
  • Music History and Literature
  • Audio production for animation, film, and video games
  • Sound recording, performance and production techniques
  • Using professional digital audio workstation (DAW) software and hardware
  • Shaping mood and setting with music and sound
  • Implementing sound into games and animations

The skills to conquer any technical challenge.

Based on DigiPen’s renowned college curriculum, our programming courses and workshops teach the foundational programming concepts that form the basis of software programs and video games.

  • Machine Thinking & Programming Concepts
  • Coding standards and best practices
  • Java Coding
  • Video Game Programming & Math Concepts
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile App Development

Learn the laws that govern the universe, then use them to build your own.

Learn and apply the physics and engineering concepts involved in converting potential energy into kinetic energy. Design, build, and fine tune a variety of launching systems as well as a radio-controlled race car to explore the principles of mechanics, physics, electronics, aerodynamics and radio technology.

  • Fundamentals of Robotics
  • Principles of Mechanical Design
  • 3D design and Fabrication
  • Building RC Cars and RC Flight
  • Physics of Motion

Education is the foundation.

Every professional or personal path benefits from a well-rounded education. DigiPen Academy teaches the full range of subjects as any other public or private school. This is true of our year-round academic courses as well as our workshops and technology programs, which actively reinforce the fundamentals by applying them to real-world problems.

  • Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Debate)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Geology)
  • Math 
  • Government
  • Economics