Campus Info & Policies

DigiPen Academy Campus

DigiPen’s main campus is located in the city of Redmond, Washington about 16 miles east of Seattle. In addition to being the home of leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo, Redmond has numerous hotels, shopping centers, and local attractions as well as outdoor opportunities such as hiking and bicycling. We are fortunate enough to have resources from the college DigiPen Institute of Technology at our disposal.

Online Etiquette Rules:

As DigiPen wants to ensure that everyone has a safe and engaging experience, all students are expected to know and follow these basic rules:
1. Classes will begin on time so please plan to log in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
2. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid setting up in a place that is noisy or where people are constantly passing by.
3. Please do not use other devices during class including mobile phones, game systems, etc.
4. As you may be on camera, please dress appropriately.
5. Please do not eat during the class as this can be distracting to others.
6. As you may be asked to share your screen, we ask that only class-appropriate apps are running and that your desktop background image, file names, etc. are appropriate.
7. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking as this helps avoid echoes and random background noise being broadcast into the classroom. When you do speak, please speak clearly so everyone can understand you.
8. Whether you are talking on camera or using chat, always be respectful to everyone in the class. Any communication with the instructor or other students should be related to class topics, not memes, spam, or inappropriate material.
9. Please stay seated and present during class. Breaks will be provided by the instructor but if you do need to leave, please let the instructor know that you are stepping away from your computer.
10. Ask questions! Your instructor wants to help you learn so don’t be silent when you are confused or need help. If the teacher is explaining a topic, you can “raise your hand” or ask your question in the chat window.


Onsite Policies:

Vaccination Requirement & Safety

For the safety of all students, staff, and faculty, ALL students wishing to participate in our summer programs must provide proof of COVID vaccination. No exemptions.

All students will be required to wear masks at all times, and to maintain social distancing rules.


For morning classes, all Young Explorer (grades K-3) and Junior (grades 4-7) students must be escorted by their parents and checked into their classrooms. Teen (grades 8-12) students may check themselves in. If a teen has younger siblings in our program, they may also escort and check them into class. Students will not be allowed into their classrooms more than 5 minutes before the start of class as teachers will be preparing their classrooms.

Please arrive promptly to pick your students up from their classroom when class ends.

All Young Explorers must be signed out from their classroom by an authorized adult who was listed on their Pick-Up Authorization Form during the registration process. Adults checking out Young Explorers may be asked for photo ID to confirm they are authorized to pick up the student. If someone comes to pick up your child and they are neither listed on the Pick-Up Authorization Form, you will be contacted to verify pick-up authorization. Young Explorer students will NOT be released to anyone who is not authorized to pick them up. Juniors are allowed to be signed out by an adult they recognize/are comfortable with. Teen students may sign themselves out of the classroom. Teen students may check out their younger siblings; please make sure to include them on the Pick-Up Authorization Form. To review or add authorized adults, please contact the administration team at (425) 629-5007 or

Lunch & Snacks

There will be a supervised lunch period from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm. Please provide a lunch for your student. A microwave and toaster are available to reheat food. If your student is only attending a morning class and it is after 12:00 pm, please pick your student up from the lunchroom. If your student is just attending an afternoon class and you arrive more than 5 minutes before the scheduled class time, sign your student in at the front desk, and then escort them to the lunchroom. After 12:45 pm the sign-in sheet will be in your student’s classroom. Snacks are available for purchase.

To purchase snacks, you will need to have funds available in your account. To add funds, visit snack card purchase. From this page click “express registration” in the bottom left corner. Then select the third option, the “snachtime” option. If you select one of the first two options you will be charged $10.00 a month. Snacks are $0.50 each. Alternatively, you can add funds over the phone by calling DigiPen Academy Administration at (425) 629-5007. Adding funds to your account serves as a pre-paid snack card. Therefore, any funds that remain at the end of the course will NOT be refunded.


Please send your student to class with a binder filled with loose leaf paper and a pen/pencil. We will provide any other supplies that your student needs.

Weather Closures

For days when weather conditions such as snow and ice may result in school schedule changes, DigiPen will send out an email by 7:30 a.m. to notify you. Please note that DigiPen follows weather closure decisions made by the Lake Washington School District, but because we have families that are outside this school district, DigiPen also factors this into account when making decisions about delayed starts or full closures. The email will go to the address listed when you registered your student.

DigiPen Institute of Technology teaches high school classes through several Tech Academies and Skills Centers in Washington State. Policies, applications, and additional information can be found through each program’s home Skills Center or school district.

Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WANIC) programs, held on campus at DigiPen Institute of Technology, adhere to all policies from the WANIC consortium of school districts. For questions or to excuse absences, contact WANIC at or 425-739-8400. Inclement weather policies for WANIC programs follow the Lake Washington School District.

If you have earned DigiPen credit through your Skills Center program and would like to request your transcript, please fill out the Transcript Request Form for Skills Center Students, and return it to DigiPen’s Front Desk or send it to

Vaccination Requirement & Safety

For the safety of all students, staff, and faculty, ALL students wishing to participate in our summer programs must provide proof of COVID vaccination. No exemptions.

All students will be required to wear masks at all times, and to maintain social distancing rules.

The following terms constitute an agreement (the “Registration Agreement”) between DigiPen Institute of Technology (“DigiPen”) and signer, hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Parent/Guardian” for a “Student” you are registering to attend a “Program.” You agree to the following:

A) Terms of Payments and Refunds:

  • Non-refundable Deposit and Fee: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is due upon registration to hold your seat. After April 30, 2022, full payment is required to hold your seat.
  • Voluntary Withdrawal: All payments made, less the 50% non-refundable deposit, will be refunded to you for voluntary withdrawals prior to April 30, 2022. After April 30, 2022, there will be no refund of tuition or materials fees paid.
  • Program Transfer Fee: If there is availability, you may transfer your student into another Program for a $150.00 transfer fee plus any difference in the total cost of the new course. After April 30, 2022, there will be no refunds if you transfer to a Program of lesser value.
  • Summer Program Cancellation: If a Program is canceled, you will be notified no later than 14 days prior to the start date and all fees paid will be refunded.
  • Weather-Related or Emergency Closures: No refunds are provided for Programs that are canceled due to weather-related or emergency conditions.

B) General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Attendance: You will cooperate with DigiPen by notifying the administration office in advance if the Student cannot attend a class or if the Student is leaving the class early. If the Student is marked absent when attendance is taken, his/her parent/guardian will be contacted. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be notified at the telephone number provided.
  2. Supervision: DigiPen strives to provide a safe online learning environment for all students. You acknowledge and understand that, despite DigiPen’s best efforts, DigiPen cannot be responsible for the behavior of any student who does not conform to the rules and regulations. You understand that DigiPen does not provide supervision for the Student outside of designated program hours. Accordingly, you waive any related claims to the fullest extent allowable by law.
  3. Equipment and Materials: You understand that any program materials that the Student is provided by DigiPen are not guaranteed in any way by DigiPen, and you agree to accept materials in as-is condition. DigiPen cannot accept returns on any materials.
  4. Student Work: While the student permitted and encouraged to show their work as part of their portfolio, you understand that due to restrictions with educational software licensing, and instructional support of DigiPen staff, the Student may not use any work produced during the Program for financial gain.
  5. Classroom Recording Policy: Online classes may be recorded for quality assurance purposes only. Due to privacy and security reasons, these recordings will NOT be made available to the Student for any reason.
  6. Terms Subject to Change: Program course content, as well as any terms and conditions of the Program, are subject to change at DigiPen’s discretion and without notice.
  7. Acknowledgment of Risk: You have consulted with a health professional, as you have deemed necessary, with regards to the Student’s individual health issues or needs, and find Student physically and mentally fit to independently participate in the Programs. You voluntarily choose that your Student participates in the Program and you expressly accept all inherent health risks.
  8. Hold Harmless: To the fullest extent permitted by law, you hereby release, waive and forever discharge, and/or agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless DigiPen, its trustees, officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers and assigns from and against all claims, both present, and future that may be made by you, your family, estate, heirs or assigns, arising out of or resulting from Student’s participation in the Program. ‘Claim’ refers to any financial loss, claim, suit, action, damage, or expense attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease, death or personal injury, or property damage.

C) Required Student Computer Equipment and Internet Access:

Students must have access to a computer equipped as listed below. Some programs or courses may indicate additional requirements.

  • Windows PC or Mac computer with web camera
  • Broadband internet access with minimum 2 Mbps download and upload speed
  • Display with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. While it is not mandatory, it is recommended to have a second monitor connected to the computer to extend the desktop. This allows the student to follow more easily what the instructor is demonstrating while concurrently being able to see the software environment that the student is working within
  • Web camera that is required for classroom management purposes
  • Printer that can print from the student’s computer
  • Headset with microphone
  • Three-button mouse

D) Student Code of Conduct:

The Student agrees to abide by the rules and regulations below, as well as staff instructions. You and the Student understand that violation of any of the rules and regulations is grounds for immediate dismissal, without refund. DigiPen reserves the right to take any action it considers warranted by what DigiPen deems is necessary due to the circumstances, up to and including expulsion from the Program at DigiPen’s sole discretion.

Program Directors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Counselors, and Administrators are extensions of DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Fall Online Programs and, as such, are responsible for helping conduct the programs. Students are to respect their authority and give them full cooperation at all times.

Actions NOT permitted by Students include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bullying in all forms (including through cyberspace) is not tolerated at DigiPen Institute of Technology.
  • Copying or attempting to copy any software and/or data that is found on the premises
  • Copyright infringement in any form, including the illegal copying, downloading, and/or uploading of copyrighted works, such as music, movies, TV programs, games, or software, through peer-to-peer file sharing, as defined by Title 17 of the United States Code.
  • Using vulgar or inappropriate language or behavior
  • Threatening fellow Students, Directors, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Administrators, or anyone at DigiPen
  • Engage in any other inappropriate behavior or illegal activity

All Student projects must receive approval from DigiPen’s instructors prior to commencement of any production. DigiPen reserves the right to reject ideas or stop production of any Student game, animation, or project for reasons deemed appropriate to DigiPen. DigiPen will not allow the production of any Student work that makes a direct or indirect reference to any of the following subjects:

  • Inappropriate religious content or symbols
  • Violence
  • Sexual or nudity content
  • Illegal substances
  • References that are demeaning to anyone or any group of society.

You have read and understood and agree to all of DigiPen’s Registration Agreement. By signing below, You also acknowledge that both You and the Student have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct.

About Redmond

DigiPen’s main campus is located in the city of Redmond, Washington about 16 miles east of Seattle. In addition to being the home of leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo, Redmond has numerous hotels, shopping centers, and local attractions as well as outdoor opportunities such as hiking and bicycling.


Places to Stay in Redmond

If you are traveling to Redmond for a DigiPen Academy program and need a place to stay, we are happy to help you get started in exploring your options.

For Summer 2022 we will not be able to host DigiPen Academy participants and their families through DigiPen Housing, LLC. Here are a few alternative options you can explore:

  • Hotels: Many of the recommended hotels offer complimentary breakfasts, free high-speed wireless internet access, or a shuttle ride to the DigiPen campus. View a list of local recommendations.
  • Vacation Rentals: Many of our out of town visitors have also used vacation rental websites such as Airbnb or VRBO to find apartment and home rentals nearby.
  • ABODA: ABODA is Seattle’s largest provider of temporary housing. Call them at 888-389-0500 or email them at with your needs (area of town, number of bedrooms, budget, any pet info, etc) and they will assign a consultant to provide options based on those outlined needs.

Getting Around Redmond and Seattle

Some of the hotels listed above have shuttles that run between the hotel and the DigiPen campus.

To travel around other parts of Redmond and Seattle, students will need to find their own means of transportation. DigiPen suggests using the King County Metro System’s trip planner to find bus and train routes to and from DigiPen and the surrounding areas.

You may also consider renting a bicycle during your visit! Redmond has been called “The Bicycle Capital of the Northwest” and has numerous on-road bike lanes and off-road paved and natural trails to explore. Click here for more information about biking in Redmond.

Drop off / Pick up

Students cannot be dropped off more than 30 minutes before the start of any session. Students must be picked up within 10 minutes after the end of a session or within 10 minutes of the end of the After-Workshop Activities time slot (see below).

Failure to adhere to this schedule raises safety concerns for students, as there is only supervision during designated workshop and after-workshop hours. An early drop-off or late pick-up will result in a $1.00 fee for every minute you are early for drop off or late for pick-up. If a student is not picked up by 7:00 p.m., DigiPen will contact the local authorities for the next steps.

Parking Policies: Please make sure to park only in spaces marked with the DigiPen Logo or “Visitor”, or in blank/undesignated parking spaces. Parking in spaces unaffiliated with DigiPen, or in spaces marked either “Reserved” or “Pro Sports Club,” may result in your car being towed.


Siblings in Different Progams

If a student has one or more siblings attending a Summer Program that begins at an earlier time, both students may be dropped off at the earlier time. Conversely, if one student’s After-Care Activities end at a later time than the others, both students may be picked up at the later time.

For example, if a Teen student has a sibling in a another program, a parent may drop off both students at 8:30 a.m. and pick up both students by 5:00 p.m.

To access your course’s Canvas site, please visit

DigiPen Academy and all of our DigiPen Academy workshop programs use Canvas as a learning management aid to structure courses, facilitate parent communication, save student work, and many other tasks.

Some workshops and classes may utilize this tool more than others— digital workshops more than non-digital workshops, Teen programs more than Young Explorer programs.

If you have difficulty logging in, or have any other questions, please contact the DigiPen Academy administration at or (425) 629-5007.

For Students

To access your Canvas page, you will need your DigiPen provided email, which is given to you by your teacher. The first time you log in to Canvas, students will need to complete the “Forgot Password” protocol, and access their DigiPen provided email to complete the flow.

This email account is accessible here. Please remember that logging in to this account only requires you enter your username, not the full email address.

For Parents

The first time you log in to Canvas, parents will also need to follow the “Forgot Password” protocol.

The account email provided upon registration is used to create parent/observer accounts with Canvas. Account holders will receive updates from the teachers- saved and archived on Canvas, but also sent through Canvas to this email address.

If you are unsure which email you provided, please contact us so we can confirm this for you.

If your student is in multiple classes or workshops with us, your account will follow your student automatically, and you will not need to reset your password each time.