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Game Design

Art & Animation

Game Programming

Music & Sound Design

DigiPen Academy Offers Four Summer Pre-College Tracks:

Game Design

Students gain a strong knowledge of all technical and creative aspects of the game development process. Essential for all game designers who want to create engaging and interactive player experiences

Art & Animation for Games

The key to success for production artists is a strong visual development process and foundational art skills. Students learn the skills needed for being a production artist for video games, animation, and more.

Game Programming

Programming requires a deep understanding of computer science, advanced mathematics and physics. This program gives students an introduction to the art and science behind video game development.

Music & Sound Design for Games

Students focus on the theory, history, and techniques of music and sound design to understand what elements make a video game’s soundtrack and sound effects a compelling experience.

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DigiPen Academy has over 25 years of in-person programs, clubs and workshops, and over a decade of experience teaching online.

We deliver quality programs to ensure each student receives a comprehensive education. Each of the four Pre-College tracks are taught online, with live instructors.

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“Teachers make learning enjoyable and entertaining, with plenty of hands-on experience”


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