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DigiPen Academy offers a wide range of programs that prepare high school students for study and careers in fields requiring creative digital skills: Art & Animation, Game Design, Video Game Programming, and Music & Sound Design.

Over the past two decades, the students who have learned to draw, code, program, and design with us, have gone on to excel at some of the world’s leading tech companies, video game studios, and start-ups. Our programs have been the first step in preparing them for careers that include:

  • Game developers and designers
  • Software and application developers
  • Audio engineers
  • Film composers
  • Digital interface designers
  • Software engineers
  • Animators
  • Creative directors

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When you’re enrolled in our 4-week Pre-College Summer Program, DigiPen Academy can give you a head start on post-secondary coursework, help you explore a STEAM career, or let you dive deeper into a passion.

Our four course tracks are designed to both industry and college-level acceptance standards – and we teach using the same technology you will use in your career.

The DigiPen experience is unique in that, along with technical skills, we also develop the entrepreneurial mindset students need to succeed in a demanding industry. Our instructors focus on each student’s individual growth, goals, and talents to help them develop the skills, confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities that will help them in every aspect of their lives.

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Production artists need a solid visual development process and foundational art skills to develop characters, backgrounds and other essential components for video games, animation and more.

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Game designers study design, psychology, communication, and user experience to understand how to create engaging and meaningful player experiences for video games, applications, and other interactive media.

Game programmers require a deep understanding of the art and science behind video game development – from advanced math to physics, and more.

Audio professionals play an important role in creating the game experience – from the music soundtrack, to the sound effects that give players instant gameplay feedback.

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Supported by DigiPen Institute of Technology DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology offers students from around the world a pathway to rewarding careers in Arts & Technology and has been ranked as a Top 5 Video Game Design School by the Princeton Review for over 13 years. Students from DigiPen’s three global campuses have won 226 awards for game projects and academic papers.

DigiPen Institute of Technology has been turning talented college-age students into exceptional engineers, artists, designers and video game creators for more than three decades. It has been ranked as a Top 5 Video Game Design School by the Princeton Review for over 13 years.

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If you’ve explored our programs online, and still aren’t sure which one is right for you, please contact an Academy Coordinator who will be happy to help you. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

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