WANIC Music & Sound Design

Program Description:

Discover the exciting opportunities of music engineering and sound design. Combine music composition, history, and theory with practical training in studio recording techniques. Apply fundamentals in computer science, mathematics, and physics to sound design principles. Learn what it takes to work within teams in real-world settings to create interactive audio for video games and engaging soundtracks for film.

Sound and music play a critical role in how audiences experience games, animated films, and other forms of entertainment, making skilled sound designers essential to a project’s success. This program focuses on the creative and technical aspects of music and sound design, production, and implementation.

Students study composition, theory, performance, audio recording and mixing, and technical sound design for animations and video games. They gain valuable experience creating and implementing original music and sound using the latest in digital design tools, all of which can help launch them into this field.

In this full-year, 3-period Skill Center class (3 high school credits) students will:

  • Learn basic music theory including music notation, keys and music analysis
  • Apply elements of rhythm, pitch, and harmony
  • Develop skills in transcription and composition
  • Develop a more intuitive understanding through ear training
  • Expand knowledge of music history and genres
  • Gain competency with the use of digital music production tools and processes
  • Learn basic audio engineering skills for recording and mixing
  • Practice the Video Game production process including pitches, design documents, scheduling, milestones, testing, time management, and working on interdisciplinary teams

Two Year Program Available.


This program is primarily for students entering their Junior or Senior year of high school in the fall, but younger students are accepted with permission.

  • No prior experience required


High School Credits:

  • Year 1 – CTE (2.0), Fine Art (1.0)
  • Year 2 – CTE (3.0)

College Credits: DigiPen Credits TBD


Our WANIC instructors are outstanding, highly trained and passionate about their respective fields. Instructors impart their years of knowledge and experience to teach and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Learn more about our program with these inspiring videos from past students:
WANIC Student Showcase Video:

See what past students have created in our WANIC classes. 




School Year



Program Dates:

September to June


Apply on the WANIC website.
Priority application window
February 6 - April 15, 2024.


DigiPen Institute, Redmond Campus


For schedule, see the WANIC website.


No tuition costs/fees; funded by the State

Mandatory Info Session:

Attendance to a WANIC Program Info Session is required prior to registering on the WANIC website. See dates below.

WANIC Info Sessions:

All Sessions are Online.
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST

Zoom links will be emailed out the week of the session.

  • Monday: January 22nd
  • Wednesday: February 21st
  • Wednesday: March 27th
  • Monday: April 22nd
  • Wednesday: May 15th
  • Monday: June 10th
  • *Wednesday: July 24th
  • *Monday: August 12th

*Subject to Cancellation