Pre-College Program

Pre-College Program Benefits

Students will get a feel for what it’s like to take college courses and learn what it takes to be successful in the game industry or as a hardware developer. During the month-long program (07/06/2020 – 07/31/2020), students will learn from our faculty-level instructors and, during their project lab, immerse themselves in the roles of programmers, designers, artists, music and sound designers, and computer engineers.

Students will receive grades for their Pre-College classes, plus a final transcript which can be included in their application to DigiPen.  Any student who successfully completes the Pre-College Program and matriculates to DigiPen within three years will receive a credit of $2,849 (an amount equal to the Pre-College Program tuition) to apply toward their first-semester tuition as a freshman.


Participants must be entering their Junior or Senior year of high school, or have graduated high school within the last 18 months.  Students choose the program track that they are interested in. We have a sample schedule for each section displayed below.


Pre-College Housing

DigiPen student housing is limited, and ProjectFUN is still trying to secure housing. Please e-mail to be added to our waitlist.  For a list of recommended hotels and other local housing options, visit our housing page.

Game Design

To be a good game designer, you must understand the fundamental principles of game design, the computer science that goes into designing a video game, the art and animation production process, and the storytelling and character creation skills necessary to bring video games to life.  Having strong knowledge with all technical and creative aspects of the game development process is important in order to create the type of engaging interactive experiences today’s players expect.


Even with all the amazing advancements in digital art tools, the key to success for production artists is still a strong visual development process and the foundational art skills to execute that process. This track prepares students for the rich and rewarding experience of being a production artist for video games, animation, and more.  Within your Project Lab, students in the art track serve as the game team’s resident artist, developing characters, backgrounds, and other essential components for their game.

Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Today’s console, VR, and mobile video games are highly complex pieces of software that run on amazingly powerful computer platforms. Creating hardware and software for today’s gamers requires a deep understanding of computer science, computer engineering, advanced mathematics, and physics. During this four week program, you will get to experience what life is like for DigiPen college students who are working to complete their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Music & Sound Design

Audio professionals play an important role on any game production team. Whether composing the musical score that sets a game’s mood or recording the sound effects that give players moment-to-moment gameplay feedback, it’s a job that requires both musical knowledge and technical expertise. During this four week program, you will get to experience what student life is like for DigiPen college students who are studying to become audio professionals through DigiPen’s Bachelor of Music and Sound Design. By focusing on the theory, history, and techniques of music and sound design, students in this program gain an understanding of what elements make a video game’s soundtrack and sound effects a compelling experience.

Ready To Register?

See the schedule of deadlines on our Calendar and Events page here.

Housing Policies

DigiPen student housing is limited, and ProjectFUN is still in the process of securing housing for Pre-College students at this time. For a list of recommended hotels and other housing options, visit our housing policies.