Spring Programs

Due to COVID-19, our fall and spring programs will remain online.  More information here.

Registration for Spring 2022 Programs is closed.

Afterschool Clubs

The afterschool clubs are for ages 9 to 18 and are a blend of instruction and socialization where students can share similar interests and activities with their peers.

Weekend Workshops

Build on previous experience in animation, game development, music production, and programming through studio classes that are centered around the individual projects defined by each student. For ages 9 to 18, instructors evaluate the students’ current knowledge and skills and then help each student develop a production pathway to get to the desired outcome.

Spring Break Studios

Spend the week of Spring Break learning and socializing with like-minded friends studying your favorite subjects. Spend time playing Dungeons and Dragons or Minecraft under guided instruction. Or learn more skills in programming, animation, or game design. For ages 9 – 18, we combine blocks of instruction and socialization so students get the best of both worlds.

These programs teach students the basic principles of art and technology as they create their own rudimentary video games, animations, robotics, and more. Whether your child figures out every trick in a particular video game, expresses creativity through arts and crafts, or just wants to know how things work, these programs are sure to inspire!

Game Design Club
Digital Game Design Workshop
young boy at computer

These workshops introduce students to topics in video game programming, game design, art and animation, engineering, and music and sound design. These are great for younger students who want to move on to Teen Workshops when they are older. 

Art & Animation Studio
Animation Club
Digital Art Club
Programming and Software Engineering Club
teen boy at computer