Summer Workshops

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About Summer Programs

DigiPen Academy’s Summer Programs offer exciting learning experiences for students of all ages. Under the encouraging guidance of our talented teaching staff, students learn, create and collaborate on hands-on projects in video game programming, art and animation, game design, engineering, and music and sound design. Each program is more than your average summer camp. By promoting teamwork and personal expression while reinforcing core academic subjects like math, physics, art and writing, students learn valuable lifelong skills in STEM. 

About Studio Programs

Studios are for students with experience in the chosen area of study. These are designed to challenge students on an individual level. Teachers will assess the student and work with the student to come up with a project that they are interested in and that will help them increase their knowledge base in that area of study. Students will work more independently with the guidance of the teacher and resources available to DigiPen.


Program instructors are highly trained individuals, often DigiPen undergraduate and graduate students, with a gift for assessing and addressing individual strengths and needs. All of our Summer Programs include:

  • Free freshly made, peanut-free lunch. DigiPen makes fresh bread daily on-site
  • Snack breaks
  • After-Care Activities Monday-Thursday, which include traditional games, video game tournaments, and trivia competitions
  • A Final Showcase on the last Friday of each session where students get the chance to show off their projects!


If you have any questions or need assistance picking out a program, please e-mail or call 425-629-5007.

These programs teach young students the basic principles of art and technology as they create their own rudimentary video games, animations, robotics, and more. Whether your child figures out every trick in a particular video game, expresses creativity through arts and crafts, or just wants to know how things work, these programs are sure to inspire!

Summer 2021 is still in development. Check back this winter!

These programs are exploratory workshops for students aged 8-10. These workshops introduce students to topics in video game programming, game design, art and animation, engineering, and music and sound design. These are great for younger students who want to move on to Teen Workshops when they are older. 

These programs for students aged 11-18 cover a range of video game programming, game design, art and animation, engineering, and music and sound design topics and provide a mixture of classroom instruction in the academic fundamentals of each field. These courses include hands-on team projects where students create their own games, animations, robotic cars, and more while preparing them for college and a career in the game design industry.


DigiPen Academy Student

During this month-long program, students take on the roles of programmers, artists, sound designers and computer engineers to bring their creative visions to life as they learn what it takes to be successful game/hardware developers. Taught by DigiPen faculty-level instructors, we combine college-level coursework in fundamental like applied mathematics, computer science, and foundational art with practical production experience in a team environment.

Pre-College Art & Animation

Pre-College Computer Science and Engineering

Pre-College Game Design

Pre-College Music and Sound Design

Important Dates

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Workshop Policies & Info

We have tuition assistance available, and if your child is under 13 you may be eligible for a tax credit. If you have any questions about our policies please email