Weekend Workshops

ProjectFUN Weekend Workshops and Studios take place on Saturdays during the school year.

Weekend Workshops and Studios offer students the opportunity to take some of our most popular Workshops, or to study a concentrated topic within art, game design and development, programming, engineering, or music and sound over a series of Saturdays during the school year. The K-4 Workshops will run in the same way we usually run our workshops, except we will ensure that we are using differentiated learning and each student will meet competencies at their own levels. The grade 5-12 workshops will run in a studio setting and are a perfect way for both new and returning students to continue learning, as well as complete prerequisites before attending more advanced Summer Workshops. This is a great program for students both new and returning! We have new programs available in our new registration system. Register Today!

E-mail academy@digipen.edu if you have any questions regarding our new system. Returning families should be able to use their existing accounts to log in. 


At times, certain classes will have prerequisites. Those courses will be marked with particular requirements such as a class that needs to be taken beforehand. At this time our studios and workshops include grades K-12 and will meet the needs of each student individually with no required prerequisites.

General Info

Location: DigiPen Institute of Technology
Duration: January 18, 2020 – March 21, 2020
Hours: Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Tuition: $599

Grades K-4

Grades 5-12

Due to the “studio” nature of many of these workshops, we will allow for late ads. Register soon as classes will fill.

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Exciting New Workshops & Studios

Grades K-4

This course looks to establish a foundation in the fundamental elements of art to create art. Through exposure to a variety of art materials and media, students will learn to understand and utilize art elements such as line, shape, color, and form. As with all of the studio programs, the instructor will assess each student for their current level of knowledge and skill before adjusting the project work to the appropriate level for each student.

Let your student transform into a multi-media producer using today’s the amazing digital tools! Students will have an opportunity to explore how to use technology to create a variety of media-based projects including animation, short videos, music, and even video games. More than just learning about what buttons to push, each project will cover the basic content creation principles that will enable the students to express their creativity at the highest level. Space is limited.

Grades 5-12

Whether it is first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arenas, fighting games, real-time strategy, sports games, racing games, rhythm games, battle royale, collectible card games, or massive multiplayer online games, competing at the highest level requires more than just good eye and hand coordination. Development of strong observational and analytical skills, as well as the ability to work on a team, are keys to success on the virtual battlefields. Take your game to the next level with our coaches and other players to learn the mechanics, tactics, strategies, and player roles for a variety of game genres.

Before there were video games, there were electronic toys that were physical interfaces used to control technology through microcontrollers, switches, sensors, LED lights, speakers and motors. Today, this same technology is utilized in countless networked devices ranging from traffic light controllers to refrigerators to pacemakers through the “Internet of Things!” In this studio, participants will learn about and experiment with the world of physical computing through the building of classic electronic toys and robotic devices.

The emphasis in this studio setting will be on learning and building upon the foundational programming and software engineering concepts. No programming experience is required with beginners initially focusing on learning key concepts such as variables, conditional statements, and loops. Depending on their interests, students are guided in the use of physics, graphics and audio libraries to program the logic for a series of programs including those for microcontrollers like the Arduino. Students with prior programming experience can further develop their skills to design and build even more complex software or games, or even physical computing-based applications.

This studio explores the world of designing, building and programming robots. More than just following step-by-step instructions, this program challenges students to think like scientists and engineers as they learn to solve challenges using mechanical, computer, and robotics engineering principles. Like all of the studio programs, individual students will be assessed by instructors for prior experience and interests before determining suitable projects and robotics platforms.

Important Dates

No studio session November 30, 2019.

Last Day of Fall Studios December 14th, 2019.

Spring Studios Begin January 18, 2020. Register Today!

Workshop Policies

Registration deadline is 2 weeks before first day of the workshop. We do allow late registration but cannot guarantee that supplies will be ready. Students are asked to arrive early on first day.