The majority of our teachers are DigiPen undergraduates who are pursuing a career in digital interactive entertainment industry at DigiPen so their knowledge already surpasses curriculum. Additionally, we personally interview, hire and train each instructor. Instructors must undergo background checks, drug screening, and a two-week training program.

The Zero Engine was a powerful piece of proprietary software developed by DigiPen to facilitate learning programming and game making. The Zero Engine allowed beginning students to jump into the game-making process from day one and have the ability to manipulate different components of a game to see how it affects a game’s properties. This user-friendly software showed students the specific programming code behind game functions and, as students become more familiar with programming, they could begin to utilize their own code to handle game functions. Zero Engine is no longer supported.

What experience level or knowledge is required to attend the some of the programs?

No experience is necessary! Most programs do not require any programming or software experience. Although basic typing and computer skills are useful in all of our programs, anyone motivated enough to enroll is qualified to participate.

Enrollment in our studios require some level of basic knowledge of the topic covered in the studio of the same discipline. If you have questions or need assistance making this choice please e-mail academy@digipen.edu.


Are there alternative daily lunches provided for participants with special dietary needs?

At the on-site workshops at DigiPen in Redmond, daily regular and vegetarian lunch options are provided. While all meals are peanut-free, we are unable to accommodate other food allergies and/or dietary needs.


What is your teacher-to-student ratio?

DigiPen Academy teacher-to-student ratio ranges from 1:6 to 1:15 depending on the program. Our motivated teachers and staff are passionate about the gaming industry; the majority are DigiPen undergraduates whose education focuses on meeting the needs of the electronic entertainment industry.


When can I drop off/pick up my student?

Students may be dropped off no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of their course. Students must be picked up within 10 minutes after the end of the After-Care Activities period, which is an hour and a half after the workshop ends.

An early drop-off or late pick-up will result in a $1 fee for every minute you are early for drop off or late for pick up.

How are Online Academies taught?

Online Academies are taught using a combination of live online class meetings and other resources including textbooks, online documents, and an interactive distance education website. Students attend the online classes using Zoom, where they hear and see the instructor’s computer desktop in real-time. Students are expected to complete reading and homework assignments, as well as projects each week. Constant communication with the instructor and among students is made available through the live Internet video conferences, email, and message forums.


How are Online Workshops taught?

Online Workshops are taught using live online class meetings facilitated by an instructor using an online web conferencing tool, WebEx. Students attend the online classes using Zoom, where they hear and see the instructor’s computer desktop in real-time.

If you have any questions about DigiPen Academy tuition, discounts, scholarships, or cancellation policies, email academy@digipen.edu, or call our office at (425) 629-5007.

How much do books and course materials cost?

The cost for books and course materials is included in the tuition. Course materials will be provided to students on the first day of class.


Will students have access to DigiPen facilities?

There will be designated open lab time in the evenings for Pre-College Program students.


Will participating in the Pre-College Program help me get into DigiPen?

A student’s success in the Pre-College Program is taken into consideration during the college admissions process.