2020 President’s Technology Academy Scholarship

Technology Academy Scholarship The 2020 DigiPen Technology Academy Scholarship recipient will receive a tuition waiver equal to 50% of the tuition between September 2020 and May 2024 as long as the recipient maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), as defined by the DigiPen Financial Aid Office. DigiPen Institute of Technology is awarding the merit scholarship to

2019 DigiPen President’s Scholarship

DigiPen Institute of Technology and DigiPen Academy are always pleased to offer opportunities to deserving students.  Together, we are proud to offer the DigiPen President’s Scholarship.     The President’s Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship equal to 50% of collegiate tuition, open to Technology Academy students who have made the decision to attend DigiPen Institute of Technology. 

Youth Summer Workshops: More Than Your Average Summer Camp

Keeping your kids busy during the summer break is something that, with the right planning, can lead to a summer filled with learning and fun activities. We all want our children to learn in an environment that inspires them and helps them build creative and technical skills that reinforce their academics. We know that, for

The Teen Summer Workshop Experience: So Much to Explore

It’s more than just a long break from school and extracurricular activities; it’s a period of time that you can fill with seemingly endless possibilities. You can choose to participate in different hobbies, do some travelling, hang out with some friends, or take some time to relax before school starts back up again in the

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