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The Teen Summer Workshop Experience: So Much to Explore

This article updated August 2023

Summer break offers more than just a hiatus from school and activities; it’s a window of opportunity bursting with potential! You can choose to participate in different hobbies, do some travelling, hang out with some friends, or take some time to relax before school starts back up again in the fall. One excellent way to spend your summer vacation that combines some of the above options is by taking one of our Pre-College Summer Programs! From art and animation classes to programming classes, we have so many enjoyable and enriching programs for you to choose from that the most challenging part might be selecting your favorite!  

Our Pre-College Summer Programs align with DigiPen degree programs

The Pre-College Program is for students entering their junior or senior year of high school and recent graduates looking for a challenging experience, especially if considering DigiPen Institute of Technology!

In the Pre-College Program application, students indicate which path they’re interested in: programming, game design, art, music and sound, or computer engineering. Attendees spend a month with us, taking topical college-level coursework in the morning and spending afternoons with a multidisciplinary game team or building an electronic device of their imagining. Under the encouraging guidance of our faculty-level instructors, you will learn, create, and collaborate. Bring your creative visions to life as you learn what it takes to be successful game or hardware developers!  

Earn a tuition credit for your freshman year at DigiPen

More than another workshop, the Pre-College Program gives students a transcript upon completion, which you can elect to provide to the admissions department as part of their collegiate application, and there is an opportunity to earn a tuition credit off of your freshman year, first-semester tuition at DigiPen.

No matter whether your summer goals are to explore new subjects, hone your skills, or begin your path to a career in technological innovation, you’ll learn so much! We combine classroom concepts and real-world challenges that develop your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities—skills that will serve you long into the future, no matter what you do.

Register now to embark on a summer of learning, creativity, and fun at DigiPen Academy.

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